A Bankroll challenge & twitch

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After a wee break from poker I’m now back playing and broadcasting as I play on the super dooper fantastical Twitch.com eSports streaming site.


I have no real reason for doing this other than, everyone else is…

Rather than just play for random wealth, I’m setting myself a bankroll challenge. From a bankroll of $3,000 I hope to turn this into $15,000 and use that to pay my way to ‘Vegas Baby’ for my 1st attempt at the WSOP main event in July 2015.

So I need to spin up $3k to $15k between Mar, Apr, May & Jun. That’s about $4k per month I need to make. I will only be playing 3 or 4 days per week, so I need to hit an average $285 profit each day.

My MTT results are a little skewed, 55% ROI over a 1,300 sample $27.50 avg buy in. Giving me an avg profit of $16.39. If I can maintain that ROI I would only need to play 17 MTTs per day.

I don’t think my ROI will survive this challenge. A more realistic expectation is 20% ROI, so to meet my $285 profit per day I’ll likely have to play a much, much higher volume.

I’ll resist playing bigger buy ins until my bankroll has grown to accommodate them. It’s my intention to stick to a pretty rigid 100 buy ins, no shot taking unless there’s a VERY good reason.

To make my challenge just that little bit tougher, I’ll be giving away 1% of my daily winnings to 5 people, picked at random from those retweeting my Twitch channel – http://www.twitch.tv/wil_scottish with the hashtag #WilScottishTwitch

I’m on Twitter as @Willie_Hmmm


Further to this, I’m hoping to break into the top 10 in the PocketFives.com Scotland page.


I think this will be an even tougher ask as the stakes I plan to play mean I’ll not be competing for the bigger leaderboard points. And to put this into context, after 5 months of not playing I currently sit 217th in Scotland.
So here goes…

02/03/2015 Balance $3,000

Good luck us.

I should really give a shoutout to

Fintan Hand, who inspired me with his very own bankroll challenge. Looks like he’s crushing it, good luck bud.



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